Agent requirements:

To become an agent is simple.

- Purchase for a minimum of R1000 / month

- Minimum Purchase per order: R500

- Purchase the minimum quantity per variant for the product

- Arrange for pick-up / delivery of your order

- Eft payment confirms order

- Allow 3 days from paymentt for order to be ready

- Pizza orders will need one week’s notice as they are made by order only

- No returns will be accepted

- Items ordered that are not in stock will be added to your next delivery

- Placing orders / Discrepancies in your delivery, etc must be forwarded in writing to distribution@thechefschoice.co.za

- Market products under the brand “The Chef’s Choice”

- Failure to make the R1000 / month of orders will result in you being struck of as an agent and the area and a new agent being appointed for that area.

- Agents appointed will be issued with official email addresses for all correspondence with Management and vice versa. Email addresses will also be used to advertise agents in our marketing campaigns etc. Product / Price updates / Blitz ads / Specials will be forwarded to agents via email.

The Chef’s Choice offers agents:

- Advertising & marketing of the products

- Lead forwards to you

- The promise of quality products

- Business support

- Product info via bb channel, blog, fb page (share info with clients to grow your network and client base)

New products to look forward to:

- Baking Mixes

- Organic Skin care products

- Gluten free range

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